Intranet Site Process

PHC Connect

VCH Connect and PHC Connect are the intranets for Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health Care. An intranet is a website that is only accessible from within an organization. It is meant to be a quick and easy way to provide and share tools and information with all your internal customers and colleagues at VCH and PHC, such as general contact information about your program or department, frequently used forms and material pertaining to new initiatives or campaigns.

The content on VCH Connect and PHC Connect is created and maintained using a content management system called Rhythmyx. To create a new intranet site a program, service or department would plan its site content and then assign its own content provider/maintainer to learn how to use Rhythmyx to create and maintain the site. Advice, training and support are available.

The four main steps involved in creating a new intranet site are:

Step 1: Define & Organize Content

Step 2: Rhythmyx Training

Step 3: Input Content

Step 4: Maintain Content

Support and training

If you have questions about VCH Connect, PHC Connect or Rhythmyx or for more information on setting up an intranet site, please email

For more information on Rhythmyx training, visit the appropriate section on VCH Connect here.