Event Promotion

Leaders, physicians, researchers and staff organize and host many events at PHC. On occasion, you may be interested in attracting some form of media attention for a variety of purposes. PHC’s Communications & Public Affairs department can assess the opportunity for media relations and provide feedback to what strategies to pursue.

Promoting public attendance

If your event is open to the public and your primary goal is to build awareness in order to generate public attendance, your most effective strategies should be:

Generating media stories about your event

Whether your event is open to the public or reserved for invited health professionals, academics or researchers you may be interested in getting the interest of journalists in your activities.

Mainstream journalists will naturally be interested if:

  • subject matter of the event is topical and speakers focus on issues of concern/interest to the community at large 
  • there are any speakers or experts well known to the general public 
  • sessions and speakers are accessible on weekday mornings (due to daily 4 p.m. deadlines for filing their stories, reporters will not attend events in the late afternoon, evening or on weekends)
  • reporters have an opportunity to do interviews before the event

If you feel your event and speakers are topical, Communications & Public Affairs can work with you on ways to earn coverage.

After reviewing your event agenda we can:

  • identify the most appropriate journalists who may have an interest
  • work with you to craft and distribute a media advisory a day or two in advance of the event (a short note outlining the event details/subject matter and highlighting the most relevant media information)

What we require of you is to:

  • work with the event speakers to ensure they are willing to make themselves available to the media before and/or during the event
  • ensure your sessions can accommodate reporters’ needs (seating, space for TV cameras, audio feeds)

Communications & Public Affairs’ primary responsibility is to ensure PHC experts and speakers are highlighted and profiled in your events. In the case that your event primarily profiles non-PHC experts or speakers, be aware that we cannot guarantee reporters will mention PHC or your specific program in their coverage.