Photo Library

PHC's Internal Photo Library on Flickr

The PHC Flickr Internal Photo Library is the central repository for images relating to Providence Health Care events, programs, care, research and services. Images contained in this library may only be used in materials produced by or for Providence Health Care, for example:

  • print publications (annual reports, information brochures, newsletters, reports, books, research, conference papers)
  • web (PHC and related centres’ web and social media sites)
  • promotional purposes (posters, videos, presentations)

Photo Library access

Who can browse, download and upload images in the library?

The PHC Flickr Internal Photo Library can be browsed by Providence Health Care leaders, staff, physicians and researchers for specific use, upon approval by Communications & Public Affairs.

Please contact Communications & Public Affairs at 604-806-8022 or email with details of the project you are working on and your image needs.

Administration of the PHC Flickr Internal Photo Library will reside with the PHC Communications & Public Affairs Department.

Who can use the images?

Images contained in the library may ONLY be used in materials produced by or for Providence Health Care (or related organizations upon approval by PHC Communications & Public Affairs).

Images approved for media use
If you are looking for an image for media use, please ask Communications & Public Affairs.

Copyright and conditions of use
The copyright of all images in the library is owned by Providence Health Care. It is good practice to acknowledge copyright with the following, either under the photo or in a bibliography or reference: © Copyright Providence Health Care.

Where a PHC employee, volunteer, physician or researcher submits photographs as part of his/her work duties, copyright is owned by Providence Health Care. Therefore no assignment of copyright is required.

Images contained in the library must not be used under any circumstance to state or imply the endorsement by Providence Health Care or by any related organization of a commercial product, service or activity or of individual political agendas.

Images contained in the library must not be used in conjunction with any material that is misleading, defamatory, libelous, pornographic or otherwise unlawful.

Providence Health Care’s Communications & Public Affairs Department reserves the right to withhold the use of any images in any circumstances in its absolute discretion.

Photo Library use

You have approved access, now what?

Once you have been given access to the photo library from Communications & Public Affairs, you can log into Flickr at

1.  Click You in the top left-hand corner to get to our Photostream.

2. Scroll through photos in the Photostream or click Albums for categorized photos (found by holding cursor over You).

Please note: Not all of our images have been organized into albums, but all photos appear in the Photostream.

3. By holding your cursor over the three dots on the right-hand side of the page you can browse via Collections and Tags. Tags enable you to view the keyword tags that have been used to identify photos in our Photostream.

4. The search feature can be found in the top right-hand corner of the page. To ensure that you are searching our Photostream and not all of Flickr, only use the search bar once you are in the PHC Photostream.

5. Once you find a photo that you would like to save, click on it.

Look for this symbol in the bottom right-hand corner: 

Click it, and simply choose the size you would like to download. The download should start immediately.

Check out with communications

Once you have decided which photos you would like to use, please send an email to letting us know which photos you are using and for what use. Please provide the photo name as named on Flickr. This is a mandatory step to help us ensure that photos are being used properly.

Can’t find something?

If you can’t find the type of photo you are looking for, please take a moment to email us and let us know. We can double-check to make sure there isn’t a photo hiding on there. It also helps us keep track of the needs of our staff.

Questions and concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about using the photo library or specific photos that are there, please contact us at or 604-806-8022.

Photo Library contribution

We are constantly adding photographs to our photo library and we are always looking for images of staff, events, equipment, sites and so forth. If you have images that you would like to submit to PHC Communications & Public Affairs we ask that you take a look at our guidelines on permission and submission below.

Photo permissions

In order for Communications & Public Affairs to be able to upload a photo to the library, we need to trust that you have informed any coworkers captured in the photograph that you have submitted the photo for use by the Providence Health Care Communications & Public Affairs Department.

We cannot use photos of patients, residents or family members unless they have signed an official Providence Health Care Photo Consent Form. If you are submitting a photograph it is your responsibility to submit a consent form, if one is needed.

Please send completed photo consent forms via interoffice mail to Communications & Public Affairs, Hornby Site, or fax to 604-806-8303.

We are currently revising our Photo Consent Form to allow space for more information. In the meantime, if you could please put your name (so we know who sent us the form) and phone number or email, as well as a one-sentence description explaining what the photo is about and/or who is in it, this will ensure that we match the consent form up with the correct photograph.