PHC Editorial Standards

The Providence Health Care Editorial Standards Guide is designed to provide guidelines for PHC employees — both professional communicators and others — on the terminology, language, grammar, capitalization and other editorial decisions that often distract readers and reduce the clarity and professionalism of communications across the organization.

In an organization as complex as Providence Health Care, communications are produced for a wide array of audiences; everyone from visitors to health professionals, students, the media and government officials.

These standards apply to written internal and external communications produced for print and online, issued by Providence Health Care or individuals acting on behalf of the organization, including:

  • promotional items
  • marketing materials
  • general written communications
  • office correspondence
  • submissions to governing bodies

This guide encourages a common approach to style, recognizing there will always be circumstances where exceptions must be made. It is not intended to apply to academic, scholarly or research writing, which rely on particular standards and guidelines. When questions of style arise in the preparation of certain types of publications and those in specialized subject areas, it is best to consult appropriate reference authorities.

A work in progress
Any guide to editorial style is always a work in progress. Language and its uses are constantly changing, creating interesting, and sometimes frustrating, conundrums for writers and editors. Monitoring and evaluating those changes will be part of the work needed to ensure this guide is always useful and relevant. Please feel free to contribute to this document by sending questions, comments or suggestions to PHC Communications & Public Affairs.