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Memo writing tips and tools

If you or your program area has written a memo or communiqué, Communications & Public Affairs is able to distribute these to all PHC staff via the weekly PHC News e-newsletter. If the memo is not intended for an all-staff audience (e.g., it is for a focused audience such as the Expanded Leadership Forum), the memo should be sent by the author, a designate or an administrative assistant. If the sender does not have access to specific email distribution lists that are needed for sending memos, this can be requested through

For effective messaging, the text in a memo should be concise, clear and to the point. Avoid the use of long or complex sentences that contain too much information; short sentences make your message more readable and understandable.

The subject line should be brief and explain the purpose of the communiqué. The first paragraph in the text area or opening paragraph should contain some background around the problem or purpose of the memo. The memo’s recipient should get a good overview of the memo by reading the first paragraph. If the topic of the memo falls under the Providence Plan you should have a key message reflecting this in the opening paragraph. For example, if your memo is about Mount Saint Joseph Hospital Renewal you would say: “As we move forward with our current round of organizational strategic planning, infrastructure redevelopment continues to be a key strategic direction for PHC.”

The body paragraphs convey the information and supporting details relevant to the memo’s purpose. You can use headings or bullet points to make your memo easier to read.

The last paragraph should be a courteous closing segment, stating any expected outcome, action or other information appropriate to your purpose. Examples of this may be thanking the reader for their involvement or patience, requesting that your reader visit a website for more information or contacting the appropriate person if they have any questions or concerns.

Memo templates
Memorandum templates for PHC and various lower mainland consolidated organizations can be found in the Corporate Templates section of this site.

Memo samples:


Questions and answers (Q&As) are a great educational supplement to use when rolling out a new initiative, especially one that is complex or one that has spawned some misinformation.

Q&A Template

Q&A Sample