Communications Toolkit

PHC Communications & Public Affairs and PHC Media Services & Telehealth are valuable corporate resources providing comprehensive services, expertise and internal communications vehicles to assist staff and programs, while promoting PHC’s external contribution, presence and reputation.

Effective communication does not refer only to those few “official” channels or vehicles of communication within PHC, such as internal newsletters, the intranet, notice boards or staff meetings. It is not a top-down information sharing process. Rather, effective communication refers to the almost constant interactions within PHC — between staff, between caregivers and patients/residents, between our partners, etc. — that convey meaning, enhance our ability to live our values, strengthen engagement, build relationships and networks and allow for improved awareness of important issues.

The communications team is aware that many staff, leaders and programs implement as-needed communications strategies and tactics when they can on their own. These can be formal or informal strategies and actions — anything from straightforward memos, letters or posters to more detailed communications planning on new policies, work that aligns with the Providence Plan, education, services or care protocols — rolled out to support an ongoing need or a specific project.

To assist with, and promote the success of such strategies, Communications & Public Affairs has developed this toolkit. It offers useful tips, templates and samples to assist anyone who wants to use effective communication solutions and vehicles to achieve their goals. It also offers some advice on determining if your project specifically aligns with PHC’s Strategic Plan and if so how it should be communicated to reflect this.

PHC’s past approach to strategic planning was open ended, allowing most of the work we do to fit into and be communicated under broad categories. PHC’s Providence Plan is more focused (i.e., specific aims, objectives, actions and measures) and accountable and communicating work that aligns with this plan needs to happen in a specific way.

Like other available PHC corporate support resources — such as finance reports, HR information or Administrative Data Support tools — the Communications Toolkit is meant to enhance the options and flexibility available to staff and leaders to achieve their desired outcomes. It builds on existing services and solutions offered by the communications and media services/telemedicine teams. We hope this toolkit can assist you in continuing to strengthen communications and engagement within PHC. This is a living document and will be updated on a regular basis, based on staff, physician, researcher and volunteer feedback and availability of new content.