Communications Team

What is the PHC Communications & Public Affairs Department and how can I work with the team most effectively?

The PHC Communications & Public Affairs team provides a range of communications support and services to internal and external stakeholders.

What we do:

Under the leadership of Shaf Hussain, the communications team provides:

  • Internal communications — this function helps employees connect by helping programs craft strategies and move information through our internal channels.
  • Design and visual identity — providing graphic design support in the form of logos, brochures, posters, cards, banners and other marketing materials that highlight and reinforce PHC’s unique visual identity.
  • Strategic communication advice and support — on complex issues and projects involving multiple internal and external partners.
  • External communications — this function covers the organization’s strategies to ensure greater public and media awareness and support for our programs and services.
  • Web — this function plans, builds and maintains internal and external communications systems including websites, print and advertising.
  • Social media — provides another avenue for PHC to build relationships and share information that will promote health and wellness in PHC communities and encourage open exchange of information and ideas. Social media refers to online tools that allow users to communicate and interact instantly, actively sharing and commenting on content. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a growing number of others.
  • Media relations — includes proactive media (promoting PHC programs, services and people), media monitoring, managing media requests for information and coordinating interviews with programmers and content experts who can respond to the queries. The team members also act as spokespersons for the organization.
  • Issues management — working with staff and management, the team helps identify and address key issues that may face the organization. This enables them to take a proactive approach to issues.
  • Event management — the team coordinates media and organization-wide events.

Who do I contact for communications support?

All new work requests must go through Justin Karasick, director, Communications & Public Affairs. He can be contacted at:

Phone: 604-806-8460


For photography, videography and AV support requests, please contact PHC Media Services Centre, Conference Centre and Telemedicine Department.

Check out the Client Worksheet to see what you should think about prior to your first meeting with a communications representative.