Using Social Media and Bloom

Using Social Media and Bloom

Digital strategy

The goal of a digital strategy is to allow an organization to listen, engage and communicate online — and to build a community around issues and values that it cares about.

Social media

Inform and empower PHC’s 10,000 staff, physicians/medical staff, researchers and volunteers!

  • Join social media channels and start participating in our communities in a more informed and meaningful way.
  • Create internal groups for planning and content sharing.
  • Launch a Dashboard where people can easily interact with PHC on various channels.


Why was BLOOM created?

BLOOM was created to help us reach out to staff, physicians, researchers, volunteers, patients, families, communities and stakeholders in new ways. We realized that the Sisters who founded our hospitals and residents were the original social networkers — they would routinely go out into the community to ask for direction and feedback on the needs of the people. BLOOM continues that tradition in a modern forum.

Who created BLOOM?

The Communications & Public Affairs Department at Providence created BLOOM as part of the organization’s digital strategy and in pursuit of several objectives in the Providence Plan.

How can BLOOM make a difference?

Unlike some other forums, the leadership of Providence really wants to use your comments and feedback to improve care. As often as possible, we will act on the questions we post based on your reaction. If a topic area leads to change, we’ll let you know by posting a related question.

Who can participate?

In short, everyone can participate. That includes staff, volunteers, community members, patients, residents and families. It’s fine to agree, disagree or state your position. We just ask that the questions and comments remain respectful, on topic and free of profanity.

How can social media + BLOOM help leaders? 

Our program and department goals and our strategic directions.

  • Engaging & Inspiring Donors (demonstrating innovations, connecting directly with donors, thanking donors publicly, connecting donations with specific actions)
  • Care Experience (transparency, feedback, volunteer recruitment, improvement, partnerships, care advisors)
  • Infrastructure Redevelopment (consultation, status updates, communications)
  • Quality & Safety (transparency, feedback, ideas)
  • Innovation (input for new ideas, testing the waters, promotion of new solutions, knowledge translation)
  • People (recruiting, engagement, thriving communities/teams)

Connect with and lead your team. Manage projects and share your progress.

  • Manage your projects and share milestones.
  • Promote successes and innovations from your department.
  • Demonstrate the PHC community to others (students, future employees, volunteers, donors).
  • Understand current opinions and feelings.