Submitting a Photo

  • It is important that we receive high-resolution, original photo files from your camera. Please try not to send us copies of files you have pasted into an email from a photo sharing site like Flickr or Facebook, or photos that you have photoshopped. This reduces the photo quality and we usually can’t use them. It is easier for Communications to edit the photos once we receive them.
  • Try not to use the zoom function on your camera. Especially in poor lighting. Instead, move closer to your subject. This will help ensure a better quality of photo.
  • Send photos in JPEG format.
  • Unfortunately we cannot use photos that are small photos, poorly lit (dark and difficult to see details) or blurry.
  • It is really helpful if you take a minute to rename your photo attachments or provide brief descriptions in the body of the email for each photograph you are sending.

For example: Photo: _DSC3129 = Resident Joe Smith with RCA Ray White, CNL Chrissy Johnson and RN Bobby Wane are standing in front of a garden at Holy Family Hospital during the chilli potluck luncheon with staff, residents and family members.

By giving us details in the email, it helps us save the photos properly. It also helps us know exactly where the photo is from and what it is for. Usually when a photo is used it requires a caption, so this will help us write an appropriate one. Since Communications & Public Affairs cannot always attend events, we depend on details from you.