PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint: A Presentation Aid

The strength of your presentation rests with the content you’ve written. Presentation aids (like PowerPoint slides) can be a great add-on to boost the effectiveness of a presentation or speech.

Key tips on how to create effective PowerPoint presentations

Minimize the number of slides (and the amount of text in your slides):
Beginner users of PowerPoint tend to use too much text and too many slides, leaving their audience dazed and confused. Each slide should be displayed long enough for you to discuss what is keyed there — not simply to read a list or block of text.

The same can be said of PowerPoint slides overloaded with bullet points and blocks of text. The purpose of the PowerPoint deck is to act as an aid to your presentation — not be your speaking notes. Consider using key words or ideas as your bullets, to prompt you in the verbal portion of your presentation.

Don’t just read your slides:
It’s tempting to simply read the visual presentation. Not only is that redundant — it also makes for an excruciatingly boring audience experience.

PowerPoint is intended to provide a visual element to spoken remarks that augment and discuss what is displayed. And, keep in mind that 99 per cent of the time, you should be looking at your audience members, not the projection screen or your computer screen.

Make it interactive:
It’s easy to get into a PowerPoint rut, outlining your notes and adding variety by occasionally mixing up the background or throwing in a video or hyperlink. But PowerPoint can be used interactively as well. Ask audience members to anticipate information on an upcoming slide, or use PowerPoint for interactive games using action buttons, for instance.

Link it to the Providence Plan:
It’s important to visually highlight (within your PowerPoint presentation) when the topic being communicated aligns with the Providence Plan.

This can be done by adding the relevant strategic direction or foundational strategy logo to your PowerPoint presentation. If you are unsure if the topic being presented aligns to the Providence Plan, please check with us.

Rehearse before presenting:
Even if you’ve given a presentation a thousand times without PowerPoint, it’s going to go a little differently when you use a PowerPoint presentation. Practicing your presentation in the slideshow view in your office will help you anticipate any glitches that you didn’t see when you were focused on getting content onto your slides.

PHC PowerPoint templates:
PHC has branded PowerPoint templates to help make your next PowerPoint presentation look professional and consistent with the PHC Graphic Standards Guide.

If you have any questions about template and logo usage, contact communications for more information.