Tips for Designing Posters


There are three words to keep in mind when writing text for a poster: “Less is more.” Posters are meant to be a visually pleasing way to grab your audience’s attention, rather than an informative document meant to answer all of their questions — there are other communications vehicles that better serve that purpose. Text should take up no more than 25 per cent of the total area of the poster, and should contain short statements or slogans rather than full sentences. Keep language very simple — no higher than a Grade 7 reading level.

If your poster is part of an information-heavy campaign, make sure to list a website, email address or phone number for more information.


As posters are a visual medium, the images you choose are inherently loaded with meaning. It is important that the images are not only relevant, but sized correctly, placed correctly and taken from an appropriate source. The best source for both PHC specific and health care-related stock images is the Communications Flickr Photo Library.

Please refrain from copying images from the internet, as there may be issues regarding copyright.