Graphic Design Services

Visuals: Logos, graphics and design

PHC Communications & Public Affairs provides graphic design support for logos, posters, banners and other design materials. Although printing costs apply and must be paid for by the requesting department, there is no charge for design work.

Requests for design support can be made one of two ways:

  • As part of a larger communications initiative that is already being supported by a member of the communications team; all design requests will be handled by that communications representative.
  • As a request for a stand-alone item; please contact Justin Karasick, director, Communications & Public Affairs at or 604-806-8460.

PHC Media Services & Telehealth also provides graphic design support. The support is available on a fee-for-services basis, but is often expedited.

Graphic Standards

PHC has published a Graphic Standards Guide to ensure the appropriate use of PHC’s branding, positioning statement and images. PHC has achieved a reputation for excellence in its provision of care, research and teaching. It is essential that we maintain a recognizable, consistent and high quality visual identity as an ongoing reinforcement of this excellence.